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with know -how and do-how (also) in sales success can be systematically acquired

  • Development and implementation of exclusionary strategies
  • Development and optimization of management and sales representative management tools - focus on top indicators for strategy review and performance measurement
  • More profit through optimal price and condition systems
  • Develop and implement aggressive sales strategies
  • Performance-based management and sales representative salaries and commission systems
  • Increase efficiency in sales and marketing
  • Development of vendor-activating measurements
  • Sparring partner and coach for managing directors and top executives in sales and marketing, product management and product marketing
  • Outside or interim management for corporate governance / management, sales and marketing manager, export manager, field service management, head of product management and product marketing, head of product development and product design
  • Considerable increase in new customers - concepts and measures
  • Implementation of sustainable displacement strategy
  • Opening new markets: Development of strategies and measures on site
  • Qualitative market research :
    - Market and opportunity analysis
    - Analysis of self-image / public image
    - Clarification of market and customer requirements
    - Identification of strengths and success factors
  • Potential analysis
  • Optimisation of product and customer structure
  • Evaluation of human resources in management, sales and marketing, product management and product marketing, product development and product design
  • Development and further development of corporate identity and / or corporate design

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Consulting services

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